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Thanks for making me a fighter...

As I was unloading the dishwasher this morning I had this thought:

"Are you the type of person who
sharpens knives or buys new?"

I know. These are the types of thoughts I frequently have. It makes you wonder, doesn't it?

My dreams lately have been off the charts freaky. I've always had really colorful and wild dreams. I can awake and relay every detail about my dreams: colors, smells, what song was playing, etc. It's a very animated event, my dreams. A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of making little smooching sounds. Why, you ask? Because I was dreaming about an adorable baby elephant and I was kissing him! And just before that, I had awakened myself by choking on a giggle because a fat mermaid was walking out of the ocean. No, really.

Last night I dreamt I was in a court room and someone was all in a tizzy. What other option did I have, to restore order in the court, but to smack this woman in the head? The only problem is that I woke up to find my hand on my husband's head, with the realization that I had just hit him! Thankfully he loves me a lot and didn't even remember the incident when I mentioned it this morning. Man, I must pack quite the punch....

I have banana bread in the oven. It better be good.

Yesterday I had an all morning ordeal at the baby doctor to insure my blood sugar levels are on track and not topsy turvy. I was a little anxious about the fasting (who tells a pregnant woman she can't eat for over twelve hours?! Seriously?) and the multiple blood draws (four in all), not to mention the 10 ounces of obnoxious, super-sweet, neon-orange beverage I was forced to chug in five minutes or less (what is this, a Sunday night youth group challenge?!) But I sucked it up (literally, ha!) and came out a stronger woman for it all. That and the fact that I realized this is just one of many, many times when what is best for my child is not always going to be the prettiest walk in the park for me. Yet another lesson learned. There are so many!

I'm having a baby in roughly 8 weeks. C-R-A-Z-Y! I hope this gives me a sort of free pass to be incoherent and slightly unstable for a little while. Because I kind of am. You understand. I'm sure there is something else random and disturbing I could post about, but I am (thankfully for you) drawing a blank.

Until the next time... stay classy.


  1. I hope I have fun dreams like that farther along in MY pregnancy. *sojealous*

    And that picture makes me laugh. HA.

    EIGHT WEEKS?!?!?! *dies* SO close laura. And what's fun is that will be just before I found out what my little booger is!

  2. I hope you do, too. Then I will feel less scary. :)

    Haha - isn't it the best?!

    I know! It's just pure insanity! Can't wait until we can sit and drink chai and snuggle our babies! :)

  3. Mmmm, banana bread sounds SO GOOD right now! Congratulations on your sweet little babe-- I can't wait to hear updates over the next 8 weeks.


  4. Love it!!! I love reading your blogs!!!

  5. Beth ~ That banana bread has saved my life the past few days! It's incredibly delectable. What a brilliant thing to be able to do with nasty ol' bananas! And thank you! I'm sure there will be much baby-ness in the future! (As if I could help myself!)

    Chrissy ~ Aww, you're so sweet! Thank you for reading - and for being such a great friend!!!!


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