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I'm feeling very pregnant these days. Yesterday I could barely get out of the car after running a few minor errands. No, seriously... I thought I was stuck. I managed to haul myself out eventually, but I was fairly certain I was going to need my husband's help in pulling me out of my Chevy Malibu.

As cumbersome as I may be feeling, I am so excited that we're getting closer and closer to meeting our little guy! My older sister has graciously loaned us her stroller/car-seat combo and today when I slipped the car-seat into the back seat of my car, I will admit that my heart did a little flip as if to say, "Oh, wow, we're going to put our baby in there!" It makes me downright giddy!

Also, giddy-inducing is the fact that two of my sweetest and dearest friends are expecting their first little bundles of joy, as well! There is apparently something in the water around these here parts. Watch yourself!

A couple random items, here...

1) I was given a crock-pot for Christmas! It's pretty swanky. Now... what do I do with it?!

2) I can't stand sleeping with socks on. Ever. I don't care how cold it is!

3) I've always made fitness-type resolutions for the New Year (doesn't everyone?!) However, until this baby arrives, I'm limited to walking, light weight-lifting and going easy on the elliptical. Bo-ring.

4) I've never really understand a woman's hesitation to "allow" her man to play video games. Mine is currently trying to conquer his new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii and couldn't be happier. And that makes me happy. He works his tail off... surely he's earned the right to kick back!

5) I am watching my 3 year old niece tomorrow. Why do I feel completely inept when it comes to children?! I grew up being around babies! I'm currently growing a baby! It must be the fact that I am soon going to have one of my own that suddenly makes the entire process of raising a child so terrifying. Or maybe I just worry too much.

That's all I've got for now. I think I'm going through a post-holiday crash. There's been so much festiveness and busyness and driving from here to there and back again that in some ways I'm ready for the normalcy of "every day life". I'm anxious to get back to cooking and cleaning and Bible studies and decorating the baby's room. Besides, I need to rest up... I have a feeling 2010 is going to be crazier than any holiday get together!

"Life is a long lesson in humility..."
~ James M. Barrie


  1. Hey your new post didn't show up on my google reader! NOT COOL!

    YOU HAVE A CROCKPOT?!?! YAY!! I will send you some fabulous recipes that rock my socks off. Crockpots are amazing. Once you learn basically how they work, you can make nearly ANYTHING without hardly any effort at all.

    I adore sleeping in socks.


  2. What kind of junk is that?!

    Yes! I do! Please send me your treasures! I will then promise to love you forever! ;)

    Wha.....?! Oh do you know what THAT means?! We've just discovered our first difference! *dies*



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