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Just like dear old Mom...

A couple of weeks ago, while we were holiday-ing with my in-laws, I was slathering on some hand lotion (the downfall of using hand sanitizer every time you turn around is the subsequent drying of your flesh) and I thought, "Mom always has had the softest hands." Which then led me to think, "I'm going to be a Mom! I need the softest hands, too!"

I know... there's like no resemblance whatsoever...!

The truth that our little boy is going to be here in just the matter of a couple months has me pondering all these motherly things, which of course I have naturally drawn from my own mother. For instance, today I ordered a copy of the 1978 copy of a collection of Walt Disney classics. Why?! Umm, because Mom has a copy. And I'm going to be a Mom, so I need that big, red, Disney book, too!

Mom always wore her mother's wide, yellow gold wedding band on her right hand. I've wanted that ring forever, or at the very least, to wear my own mother's wedding band (also yellow gold) on my right hand. You know, cause that's what she did. Even when my now husband and I were talking engagement details, such as what kind of ring I wanted, I was so torn: white gold or yellow gold!? Because Mom had yellow gold! (However, for the record, we went with white gold and I've never regretted it.)

Of course there are a million other things such as: Mom made deep dish pizza (I am actually attempting this tonight!). Mom hung laundry out on the line (nothing like sun-kissed sheets!). Mom loves lilacs, I love lilacs. Mom has a bazillion books, I have a bazillion books. But there are differences, too... such as she used to put onions in everything and I don't, because they make me gag. She used to feed us salmon patties, which I will never force on myself or another human being for as long as I live. She home schooled my sister and myself, while my husband and I will probably stick our kid on the bus.

But today I was thinking that even though there are a boatload of mom-isms that I hope to repeat with her soon-to-arrive grandson, there are more important traits that I want to exhibit besides cooking, homemaking or educating skills. Not only has my mother always been active in the fight for the unborn and the women who find themselves in bondage due to decisions made, but she has been scripturally grounded. I can't even count how many times I have called her up and said, "Hey, isn't there a verse that says ___?" or "What does ____ mean?" or "Did Jesus ever say ____?"

Who needs a concordance when you have a Mom who actually reads her Bible?!

This afternoon I snuggled into my husband's recliner with a glass of homemade iced chai and my Bible. And I read and underlined and copied down scriptures into my journal that seemed to "jump out" at me. And afterwards, as I was pondering the life inside of me and my soon to be oh-so-soft hands, I realized that more than anything, I want to know my God's Word. Not because I have something to prove, but because He is everything I truly, at my core, want to know and understand and because of Him, to demonstrate wisdom and love in every little corner of life as daughter, friend, wife, mother, disciple.

And maybe someday my son will connect the dots. Maybe he'll grow up and see that yes, Mom resembles Nana. That yes, Mom may even cook some things "just like Nana does!" Mom may even say the same things that Nana says in the same way that Nana says them. But most of all, hopefully he will remember the worn out Bible, heavily noted in, lovingly read, falling apart, literally, at the seams, on the stand near my bed and say, "Mom's Bible looks just like Nana's."

If I pass on anything worthwhile, Son, let it be the heritage that you are part of in Christ Jesus.

"Teach them the decrees and laws,
and show them the way to live and the
duties they are to perform."
~ Exodus 18:20


  1. The older my children get the more I am reminded of my own inadequacy and Christ's strength, the more I begin to understand that NOTHING is quite as sanctifying as having children. You are much more eloquent in your words, but you have spoken my heart!

    And with that I'll go to bed so that I can "rise while it is still dark" and prepare my heart to continue pointing my children to the cross.

  2. Beautiful response, Gina!!!!!! And even though my baby isn't here yet, I totally understand a little bit of what you mean by this: ".... nothing is quite as sanctifying as having children." :)

    This comment was encouraging to me; thank you!

  3. Just catching up on your posts! I really enjoyed this one. It is wonderfully well written...your theme is strung beautifully like a pearl necklace thoughout!

  4. Aww, thank you so much!!!!! I really enjoyed writing it!!!!


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