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Lookin' so crazy right now...

Okay, brace yourselves. This is not a baby post.
Now, I can't promise that it won't somehow turn into one, but right now, at the start, it has nothing to do with my current job of baking a baby, but has everything to do with, well, just baking. I know, I know. You're as shocked as I am. (Whether by the fact that I'm baking or simply by the fact that I'm not talking about my nearly 36 week pregnant state - we don't have to get into semantics. No need to split hairs.)
During this most recent festive Christmas season, my mother in-law presented some yummy oatmeal cookies for our consumption. Complete with cranberries and white chocolate chips, what's not to love? Plus, reaching for yet another cookie during a week-long+ disregard for any and all things "diet" related, having an ingredient like oatmeal tossed into the mix makes you feel decidedly in control and as though you're nearly (almost/maybe/kinda sorta?!) doing something good to yourself by …

Somewhere between the whisper and the roar...

I haven't posted for awhile. It's probably because the baby is packing on that fat that is only adorable on children and is sucking vital energy from my brain cavity. I really don't have many thoughts in my head. At least not deep, meaningful ones. Mainly my thoughts consist of one recurring theme:
"My due date is in _____ (fill with remaining number of weeks) and ohmygosh then I'm going to have to go into labor. How bad is it going to be?"
That's my main stream of consciousness (that follows me into unconsciousness at night... I can't get away from it!). What's it going to be like? How bad is it going to be? Am I going to want to kill my husband? Am I going to lose control and act all freaky like some of those women on "A Baby Story" on TLC?! (Please, no.)
I have a really bad habit of worrying. I was going to add, "... about things I can't control." but the truth is that worrying... on any level... is not a good …

Here I come to save the day!

I am enormously pleased with myself this evening (and not just because I clocked two miles on the elliptical today. Not bad for a nearly 8 month pregnant chick, if you ask me!). I hope that doesn't make me sound terrible, because I'm not. I mean, sure I've got some serious foibles but I'm not a troll.
Anyway, I'm happy with myself and not in an, "I'm so awesome I make my teeth hurt." kind of way, but in a, "Maybe I'm actually catching on." kind of way. Yesterday the message at church was really convicting in terms of how we use our time in correlation with what we say our priorities are. It was one of those times where I felt excited for a new day and a little dazed by feeling as though I had just been smacked between the eyes.
And can I just say how grateful I am that God's mercies are truly new every morning? Whew.
Last night, while my husband was downing an obscene number of buffalo wings, I was home alone with a notebook and a…