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I only want to be wanted by you...

... I saw a quote last week or some time in the past that said, "2 a.m., we have to stop meeting this way. I want to sleep with you." Amen.

... There's something not right about not knowing whether you want to have a snack or puke.

... I am 37 weeks pregnant. That feels as though it should somehow tell you everything you need to know.

... Odd hours make me fixate on odd things. Such as: Why did I ever think it was a good idea to cut my hair? Or worse, I get songs stuck on repeat in my head. And they aren't sweet, peaceful, sleep-inducing songs. They're typically dance party-type mixes that I'd take to the gym. If I went to the gym.

... We officially locked in a name for our Baby Boy! It's been an ongoing saga with us. But now he has a first and middle name. My heart did a little flip once we finally decided. We bought letters to hang above his crib, spelling out his name. So there's no going back, now!

... I love my grandparents. We had dinner with them last night. More people should have dinner with their grandparents.

... If anyone knows the magic trick for turning your brain off, let me know. I'm pretty sure this is only something men have the capacity to do since they have a "nothing box". I don't know any females that have such a thing.

... And that's all you get from me for now, since I've decided it is most definitely a snack I need (yes, need.)

Blessings to you!


  1. hmm...choosing just the right name is a heart-fluttering moment! and enjoy all those dinners with your grandparents, I wish I could go back and have some more!

  2. It was very exciting to finally commit to a name for this little guy! I can't wait until he's here! And Grandparents are wonderful.... I wish I took more time with them than I do....


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