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That's the way she was born and raised...

Why do I add "ies" to everything I say, now, when I'm talking to my Little Man? The past few days, I've noticed the excessiveness of it. Such as, "Hi, sweeties!" or "Are you poopies?" or "Are you hungries?" You get the idea. Why is it impossible to talk to a baby in a normal tone with normal words and phrasing? Is it because they are so cute that they render you dumbfounded and leave you with no recourse but to kiss their chubby cheeks over and over?

I have a few words of baby advice. Now, let the record reflect that I'm not a fan at all of people who go through a life experience and come away a self-lauded expert. So, I'm not doing that, since my spine rankles at such a thing. I'm just saying this is what I've found to be true for me. It may be true for you. It may not be. Just sayin'.

Okay, so bringing home baby means you think you know what you're doing, only to find that you don't. That's just how it is. It also means you'll probably expect to be on cloud nine eternally and that the fatigue won't bring you down. Lies. All lies. Remember that you are human and if you find yourself in tears because baby won't calm down and sleep and you've been up for four hours straight while the rest of the world is drooling on their pillows... take a deep breath. You're gonna be okay. Promise.

My main advice is this: Don't start telling your baby, "You can't possibly be _____!" (hungry, dirty again, etc.) Because you know what? He/she probably is. I don't know how many times I've told Joel, "You can't be hungry (hungries) again!" only to offer him his bottle and have him go mad, as though I've never fed him in his entire 5+ week existence. Even today I said, "You can't be stinky (stinkies) again!" only to have his continued fussing lead me back to the changing table. And whatdoyouknow. A little surprise for mommy. Sure, it'd been a whole 10 minutes (if that) since his last "gift" but so what? He's a baby. He does what he wants, when he wants. The sooner you adjust and realize that, the better you'll all feel. I don't know how many times I've prolonged nap times or feedings simply because I try to solve every problem but the one that actually is the issue... all because I think, "He can't possibly be ____ again!"

So, there's your baby advice for the day.

Now, for some Mom advice (I'm a vat of knowledge today!):

You've probably heard, "Sleep when they sleep!" which is true. You should rest when you can. However, you shouldn't always rest every time that you can, in my humble opinion. For one, you become desperate for their nap times - not for their sake, but for yours - because you are so hung up on falling asleep. Which makes sense, because you've never been so exhausted in your entire life, but still. If you sleep every time they do, you will never accomplish anything. Because, once you're awake, they are awake and are demanding food, diapers, cuddles, etc. So, where do you fit in showers, cooking, laundry and Facebook?! (Ha!)

Your body eventually adapts to the new sleep(less) schedule and I'm telling you, girlfriend, a hot shower or some uninterrupted emailing or blogging time have done more for my psyche than any nap. It's also my belief that the more you sleep, the more likely you are to be depressed, emotional, etc. Maybe that's just me, but there you have it. I think you need to do as many normal activities as you can, when you can.

There. Check back later... I'm sure I'll have many more pearls of wisdom to bestow on you! And with that, I'm off to take advantage of the time that Joely-Poly is giving me by (finally) settling into a nice little morning nap...

Have a blessed day! Baby or no baby... take advantage of the time you're given.


  1. Laura, one suggestion on showers: I found that Kailyn and Connor absolutely *loved* watching Mommy take a shower, so that's how I managed to do that when they were tiny :) I'd set up the bouncy seat in the bathroom and let them watch, and as long as they could see me, they usually didn't mind. Sometimes it worked for other things, too, like cleaning or cooking. It didn't work on Brianna, but it's worth a try to see if Joel will do it :)

  2. I love you Laura and I love reading your words of wisdom as wife and mother. :) - Jessica Shelton -

  3. Dina ~ We have a bouncy seat and it is probably the best baby item we own! I move him into our bedroom/bathroom when I'm in there, so I can keep an eye on him and we keep it in the main area of the house and he naps in it during the day like a champ!

    Jessica ~ Aww, you're so sweet! We should try to get together the next time you're down here! I'd love to see you!

  4. I didn't know how to post I need an account?? It's Kristen Goldsmith!!

    Laura, you are amazing...and such a passionate, fluent writer. I love reading your blogs! I'm happy to see you are adjusting to motherhood; it's so rewarding yet tiresome at the same time. As I read I remembered going through those phases with my girls. Sorry, but I thank God we're past them too, lol It can feel like an eternity when your surviving on no sleep and no time for yourself, but in the whole realm of things, it goes by SO quick and they are grown kids before you know it...enjoy these precious moments!
    I agree on the bouncer in the bathroom...I still bring Emory in the shower with me sometimes when I am in a bind and need to shower. She loves it now that she's older, but I can remember when she was a baby and she'd only last so long in that bouncer before she'd start crying...then I'd start panicking and hurry through my shower; I had to learn that a little crying is OK. Something MY mother to this day has never learned; she jumped/jumps every time Emory would make a peep! Grandmothers!

    Oh, and don't forget the occasional "date nights" with Aaron! So important for the two of ya'll to get some alone time away from the little guy!

    Hugs my friend...

  5. Laura, I love your writing style and the information contained is priceless!! I gave your blog address to my best friend who just had a handsome baby boy a couple of weeks ago...Thought it might help her get through these same things...(It seems like your both going through them together!) Keep writing, because I LOVE reading! -Amanda


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