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Pretty Mommy

I haven't posted for over a month. I hope this means or at least is a small demonstration that perhaps I have my priorities in order.... Maybe.
And I just had to stop to go clean up baby puke. How's that for priorities?
The night before last, my husband got home from work, kissed the baby that I was holding on my hip and then moved in to hug and kiss me and... stopped. I followed his gaze to the shoulder of my t-shirt. "Oh,..." I said. "That's probably sweet potatoes." I still received a kiss, but only a hug on the opposite side. Later, when I was near tears from a day that had prevented me from showering or changing out of my pj's, my husband practically shoved me towards the shower and said he'd watch the little man. I'm sure it had more to do with the sweet potatoes than anything else. :P
And we have.... more puke. Please hold. Ok. All better.
As a side note, I'm thinking that I should probably stop calling my son, "Chubbi…