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Something Learned

Today has been one of those days. Last night during small group (we are studying Philippians by Matt Chandler) and he said that there are highs and lows "... and sometimes there's just a Wednesday." That middle of the road, nothing special, everything blah: Wednesday.
Except it's Thursday. But it's a Wednesday.
My son learned to officially crawl yesterday. It was an awesome moment and (of course) I had the video camera at the ready. This morning he woke up with more momentum than before, as if he had been working out the kinks of the maneuver last night and was now raring to go. He's in the kitchen before I can blink, chewing on the area rug. He's in my book basket within two seconds of me moving him away from the book basket. He has my magazines in his mouth and recently wrapped Christmas presents crunching and tearing beneath his chubby paws.
I don't mind chasing him. I really don't. I'm happy to be at home with him and I'm exci…