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Ding-a-ling, hear them ring...

So, two mornings ago, little man woke up ready for the day (it was still dark out, which means Mommy was less ready for the day). As is our typical routine, I put him in bed with me while Daddy got ready for work. In our room we have a slightly goofy, trailer-esque fiber-optic tree that Aaron bought for me when we were dating. I thought, "I'll go plug it in! Joel will be fascinated with the colors as we lay here in the dark."
Can you see where this is leading?
I hopped out of bed to plug in the tree (which is on top of my dresser, right next to the bed) and as I was fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the electrical socket, I hear the most sickening *thud* at my feet.... and then a terrible wail. My son had decided to crawl towards me and, not having a concept of the bed beneath his hands ending, crawled right off the edge and fell a couple feet+ (our bed is unusually tall). I wanted to puke all over myself and very nearly did.
Joel calmed after about five m…