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Like water, like breath...

A few nights ago, I sat on the floor while Joel played around me and I painstakingly went through every toy distributed among the three (yes, three) baskets of toys in the main area of our home. I started by linking all those little rings together. Then I put blocks back in their buckets and assigned cubes, I even made it harder on myself, pushing the triangles through the triangle slot and the oval through the oval slot, vs. just opening the lid and dumping them in.
I was going all out.
I organized the baskets, placing the larger toys in the first, his books, blocks and Bob the Tomato (his stuffed friend from Veggie Tales) in the second. It bothered me a bit that I had "three B's" in the third basket. I mean, I'm not that OCD (but OCD enough to be aware of what I was doing - ha!), but I really wanted books, blocks and Bob in the second, so that's where they stayed. The third basket was filled with smaller, frequently drooled and chewed over toys.
Today wh…

Holy Little Steps

My "quiet time" or ideal "God time" involves me and no one else. Preferably I have my iTunes playlist of instrumental music strumming or a quality Christian radio station, a candle lit and various books, Bible and journal strewn on my bed. In the days when I was apartment dwelling with just me and my cat, General Maximus, I spent a lot of time doing just this. And it became, in a sense, "how I found God" and in my mind, it's still how I must find Him, if I intend to at all.
Enter in late nights and nearly a year of interrupted and poor quality sleep, along with days spent trying to balance what I want to do and what I need to do and that has left the books, the Bible and the journal sorely lacking. Not to say I don't try to read or study, but it's not the same. I don't often get that long drawn out time... many times I sit down to get my focus where it needs to be and the baby cries or if he's awake, he's suddenly clawing at me…


On Saturday the sun came out of hiding. She burst through her sky's closeted doors of clouds and paraded around in her favorite dress, the one she had to pack away as Winter approached, the one she's been dreaming about twirling in ever since. The one she has been waiting to show off, because maybe, just maybe, you forgot how the colors swirl about her fiery ankles and cause you to dream, complete with full orchestra accompaniment.
This is what the sun does. It bursts through, it blinds,... it frees.
Thank, God for the sun.
My husband kept little man at home and I ventured out to do my own version of twirling. I drove with the windows down enough to feel the cool air and smell the warmth of Spring crawling back into the earth, back into Indiana, back into me. With my house only five minutes away, but feeling like years, I went shopping. Of course.
The store was unusually crowded with women touching brightly colored dresses, smoothing hands over flowing tops and feeling abo…