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Spring Eternal

A few days ago I was trying to take a nap (I was unsuccessful and that stinks) while baby recharged his batteries and I laid there in bed and listened to the chirping of the birds outside. It made my heart flutter. Spring. That feeling filled with sunshine and first kisses and nights sleeping with the windows open. I imagined the scent of lilacs stealing my senses just like it always has, thought how my soul kind of trips up on its self to see flowers flourishing in the large ceramic pots my husband bought me last year and anxious to introduce Joel to family outings at the park.
Spring is intoxicating. The honeysuckle, magnolia and hyacinth all holding hands and playing nice with each other. I always joke that I want to bottle the air and sell it. It's that wild. It's that perfect. It's long-awaited and longed for as I look at gray skies and twirl my hair, wondering when all the blah will drain away and I can bask and bake in sun. Everything smells better with the…