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By and By

I like it... how good God is at the stories. I like how I don't feel foolish with my little lessons, because He taught of how to be a good neighbor and how to return to the arms of God in those little stories. He showed us what He really meant by talking about a sower and a handful of seeds.
Sometimes I think Satan likes us to lessen the lessons, to feel silly about the small notes we feel God is leaving behind for us, because he doesn't want those stories told. He wants our day to day living to be tangled up with impatience and red lights, with bills and people who need us that we resent. He doesn't want us to sit at the Lord's feet and learn and listen. To recognize lessons in life... to recognize that Jesus is in this life. It's not just a Sunday morning, listen to your preacher kind of thing. We honor God by paying attention. He's in it all.
"You have to want to see the well before you can drink from it. You have to want to see joy, God in the mo…

Ivory High Gloss

This is a simple lesson. I sit here and think how I should probably just bypass blogging and go straight for the shower, since I am post-workout and a little unlovely. But I am reminded of the church marquee down the road that says, "Don't lessen the lesson". Sometimes it's the small things that bear repeating. I once heard a pastor say that Max Lucado shouldn't be the only one telling stories. This is why I love blogging.
A week or so ago, while my husband was out of town, I decided to be all crafty and homemakey and repaint the old rocking chair in our son's room. The chair belonged to my parents; they bought it when Mom was pregnant with me and once I knew we were expecting Joel, I called dibs on the chair. I felt like I could handle some spray paint and so I set to work once little man was down for the night. It took two nights to complete (I had to run to Walmart for more paint on the second day) but I did it! And I was ecstatic about the results…

Thou Shalt Bite Thy Tongue

One of the things I love about being a Mom are the life lessons. I like finding out, for instance, that I am capable of more than I think I am. When I gave birth to Joel, even though I was slightly panicked and thinking medication might be the answer, I was encouraged to press on without and I did. And it was a defining moment for me. For the girl who was told she doesn't handle pain well or that I just "wouldn't be able to do it"... well, I did. And it's amazing what one moment in time and sixteen hours in pain will do for your mental strength. When you know you can do something, well, then you know you can do something.
I have found good truths about myself and less flattering ones. I've found I really can exist on less than eight hours of sleep, but I have also found myself short tempered, impatient and aggravated. Having a baby is like that first year of marriage... where you think, oh hey, I can't wait to be this man's wife and live in his…