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Happily (Part One)

A few weeks ago I was working out and the song, “That’s How You Know” from the movie, “Enchanted” came on. (Yes, I realize my workout playlist needs some help.) I was in a happy frame of mine, both from the wonderful endorphins from working out, the euphoric pregnancy feelings that trail along with the beloved 2nd Trimester and feeling high on life. Grateful for the babies and the man.
And as I listened to the words of this kind of silly, full-on fairy-tale lyrical madness, I became more and more aware of what a lie it all was. The words sing of how you will know if a man loves you. How he’ll “send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey” or how he’ll prepare a “private picnic by the fire’s glow” just for the two of you and on and on and about taking you dancing just so he can be close to you. Oh come on. If that’s how we, as women, are supposed to know that we are “loved”, then I’d say many of our men come up short.
I love fairy tales. I always have. I was ecstatic when Disney…

My Choice is You

Yesterday we had a meltdown because of a Buzz Lightyear sippy cup.
It was in the dishwasher along with other dirty items and desperate little hands couldn’t get to it. This resulted in a full-blown tantrum and mommy using her outside voice (ie: yelling) and utilizing both the first and middle name.
And as I consoled him with the still clean Woody, Rex and Jessie sippy cup, filled quickly with cool water, I had to smile a bit as I went back to loading the dishwasher. Sometimes it’s easy to look at what I do on a daily basis and just sigh. So much of it is trivial. So much of it is just.... little. No, don’t touch that, it’s Mommy’s. No, don’t touch; hot! Yes, that’s a cow! No, that’s not a pig, that’s a horsey! By the time my husband gets home, it’s really no wonder that I can’t form a sentence that doesn’t have to do with animal sounds or what Joel ate that day.
But then my perspective changed as I tried to search out the bigger lesson. To get past the annoyance and frustration…

Make Love Last

I think I probably talk a lot about being grateful. It’s something that I have worked hard to drill into my spirit. Especially over the past year. Paying attention to all that we have - even in the more difficult times - reminds us of how loved we really are by God. When we focus on all we have, our perspective is challenged. Our minds are renewed. Our thoughts are controlled.
We all know it can always be worse. We say it all the time. But we don’t live it all the time.
Today I was feeling super optimistic and good. Just one of those days where everything feels bright and shiny right off the bat. Joel and I headed into Walmart early to beat the crowds and so I could have him back in time for the sacred morning nap. I was conscious of my full cart in comparison to the less than ten items in the cart behind us. The guy was texting, so I waited until he was through and asked if he wanted to go ahead of me. He said it was no big deal, that he was happy to wait. And I had tha…

Here Comes the Dirty Sun

Did I mention I'm pregnant?
Because I am. Almost into the 2nd Trimester and doing great! We're very excited and this past week I got to see our little peanut and my heart thrilled. Baby. Little profile, flailing hands, perfect design. I'm going to be a mother of two. That's exciting and scary. When I think of the harder days, those early months when everything is chaos and nothing makes sense and you fear a routine will never enter your life until the kids are out of the house... then it can seem overwhelming and you get those, "What are we thinking?" thoughts. At a recent health screening I had the nurse tell me, "Wow, you're a glutton for punishment!" when I told her I had a 19 month old son at home.
I think I'm blessed. That's what I think I am.
I'm going to be really honest and I'll probably step on some toes and that's okay. But... and here I take a deep breath... but mom's can be really, really prideful. …