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I just enjoy your company...

I could be having a baby any day now.

I am a ticking time bomb.  And I feel it.  (I kind of look like it, too, but let's not go there.)   I'm sitting at my house day after day.  My husband is stationed at our kitchen table with his Blackberry and laptop, grounded and unable to travel since I'm about to pop.

And every time I get some random twinge or slight tightening, my eyes fly to the clock.  What time is it?  Will that feeling return?  Is this labor?  So far it hasn't been.  Obviously.  Since I am still here and trying to find words to describe the now instead of just posting pictures of my cute new son and letting his freshness speak.  Words fail when you're in the presence of brand new, just hit the earth, life.

Oh, and my toddler is randomly beating me with a crocodile puzzle piece as I try to be all poetic and writer-y.  And you wonder why I don't post regularly.

Life is chugging along, just the way life does.  We put an offer in on a house and it was …