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You don't know how lucky you are...

I read a blog today about how one individual, one family, was choosing to impact their local community that was full of need.  They were sensitive to God's leading and decided that every time they bought groceries, they would buy an extra bag for someone impoverished in the area.

While I realize that the widowed and the poor are "always with us" it's one of those things that can easily slip our minds when you don't live in a severely oppressed area.  Sure, I may see someone holding up a cardboard sign if I'm on the highway, headed through a big city... but in my rural community, I don't see the poor and the lost and the lonely occupying park benches.

After my much needed nap today (so thankful for the fact that toddlers are designed to recharge their batteries on a regular basis), I got up and my husband had some things he needed to take to the Post Office.  He told me that if I wanted an outing, I could go ship them for him and then he sweetened the de…