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The rains came down and the floods came up...

We all want a Pinterest life.

And I hate even saying "Pinterest" because it's an overused example these days for "striving for the pretty life", when in fact it can prove to be quite useful.  But as with everything, you need boundaries and self-control and time management.  All those fun things that being an adult bring.  Things like responsibility and doing your job before having fun.

The bottom line, though, is that Pinterest is all the lovely things you want and desire, all in one place.  My Type A, super in-love with the idea of organizing everything down to color-coordinating my closet, thrills.  It was love at first "pin".  I've been loyal ever since.

We all want to show the pretty.  We immediately tag pictures on Facebook where we look good and even faster untag photos that are less than flattering.  I do it.  You do it.  Your best friend does it.  We all want to be seen at our best, especially online.  Wait.  No, in person.  We definitely want to be seen for our best in person.  In real life.  In daily dealings.  Or no?  Just online?

Maybe I seem pulled together online.  Maybe I seem completely undone.  I hope I fall somewhere in between, since that is more honest.  Take a day last week for instance.  It had been a good, happy day.  I'd had a Pepsi Next and some candy corn.  I posted two statuses, one about my husband's awesomeness and one about the sweetness of my boys.  Could I equally post negative?  Umm, yeah.  But I choose not to.  Not only not to post, but not to dwell.

Our day had not been perfect.  While I'd had an uncharacteristically patient day, the truth is that I fed the baby at 3 a.m. and was up multiple times running up and down the steps soothing a snotty toddler.  Said toddler decided to wake up at 5:30 a.m. and wouldn't go back down.  He seemed completely sad and sickly and I caved and asked if he wanted to sleep in Mommy's bed.  Of course he did.  So, in he goes and we cuddle away.  I expected to doze until after 7 a.m.  Negative.  Just after 6 a.m. he sits up, grins in the dark and whispers, "All done!"  My patience was at full throttle so I smiled back, turned on Mickey Mouse and went in search of coffee.

I had spent the day cleaning snot off of little faces.  And cleaning dust off of surfaces.  While bathing the baby in the sink, the fire alarms randomly went off.  Who knows why.  Then I whisked Joel upstairs for a bath and Travis went down for a nap.  While big buddy bathed in the bubbles, I cleaned the bathroom.  I try really hard (especially on days when I have the energy and the mindset!) to keep in mind how much I can accomplish if I am always doing.

But life is about more than clean floors and pumpkins on the front step.

And life is about more than what we read or post online.

You could look at my Facebook and draw your own conclusions about my life and who I am.  I hope to portray and honest and accurate picture, but the truth is that I don't post the ugly.  I don't say the worst unless it's a tragedy that requires prayer from the masses.  I post the best.  But more than that, I feel that is all I'm supposed to do.  There's enough negativity and ungratefulness to go around this world more times than that of all those plastic water bottles we consume and toss.

We get to choose, that's the beautiful beauty of it all!  But more than that, we are to bring "thank offerings" to God (Psalm 56:12).  It's not that He can't or doesn't want to hear our complaints.  I'm not saying that.  We know that God hears and answers our prayers according to His will.  But it's easy to dig up the bad.  I think we need to make it easier, day by day, to dig up the good.  For ourselves and for each other.

That's why I don't bash my husband on Facebook or anywhere else.  That's why I talk about the good things in our marriage and with our kids and our life.  It's not because I have it better.  It's the fact that I have it at all and feel enormously too grateful to sit and fritter away the life I've been given by being angry, bitter, selfish, rude or just plain ugly.  Whether I've earned the ugly or not - I'm supposed to dwell and focus somewhere higher.  Not just sometimes.  Always.

Pity parties can abound somewhere else.  I'd rather spend my time in the better spaces.

It's a lot brighter there.

"... do best by filling your minds and 
mediating on things true, noble, 
reputable, authentic,
gracious - the best, 
not the worst;
the beautiful, not the ugly; 
things to praise,
not things to curse.  Put into 
practice what you learned... 
what you heard 
and saw and realized."
~ Philippians 4:8, The Message


  1. I miss you, Laura. I hope to be able to see your face again sometime in the next few years... You are a treasure to know!

    1. Bonni, you're a doll. And we better see each other again someday - I have to squeeze that baby of yours!


  2. I did such a happy dance inside when I came to your blog and found TWO new posts! :) I'm not on facebook, so idk what you look like from there...but I know from your writings here that you're a woman who loves God. One who wants to live life treasuring Him & share His love, one who seeks to love her family selflessly. One who fights to believe in Goodness even when circumstances make God appear not-so-loving. You fight for joy & fight to believe God is Who He says He is. at least from what I see. :)

    thank you for looking for beauty in life, for sharing it; and for being honest that sometimes it is hard to see. SO encouraging!!

    ps. if i am ever traveling to your state, can i bring you starbucks and meet your kids? cause that would rock my world...

    1. Damaris! You made me cry! Thank you so much for your beautiful, beautiful words! I'm going to hold them close in my heart, especially on those days (like today) when I'm screwing up more than I'm getting right. I'm so thankful that God is so good to me - and all of us!

      AND YES YES YES! You better show up on my doorstep!!!!!!! You are always welcome (and especially if there's a Starbucks in your hand!!!!) <3


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