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Ruined sinners to reclaim...

It had been a long day.  Joel hadn't eaten well, had barely napped and we had traveled all day.  He was headed towards a breakdown.  Let's be honest, so was I.  And then the scales tipped and it was enough to send him over the edge and he went ballistic as only a two year old human being can do.  Well, a two year old and me on a really, really bad day.

I removed him from the situation and took him off to a back room to settle and cuddle up and calm.  And then the words from another as I explained how tired he was and past the point of no return: "Well... he needs to learn self-control."

Stunned, my snarky worded response died on my tongue.  "Yeah, don't we all?" would have been my response if I could have slipped them through my clenched teeth.  I kept silent and said that yes, of course he does, but he is only two.  Not to make excuses and all, but the kid hasn't been on earth very long.  And even though his speech daily explodes and improves, his …