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Mercy made me whole...

It’s an unlikely sanctuary.

My three-year old is reenacting the scene from Toy Story where Buzz fails in his attempt to fly to “infinity and beyond” and breaks his arm; my naked one year old is pulling every toy out he can find; Phillips, Craig and Dean are singing about stars burning down and eternity and I have my head in the toilet (cleaning, not sick!)

And I smile and swish blue water and let out a dramatic, “OH NO!” as my son lays on the floor and says all forced sad and pathetic, “My arm is broken!  Just like Buzz!”  And I think, “This is perfect.” and I feel it is holy in its simple, mundane, every-day-way.

It’s the day after Mother’s Day and it’s back to reality.  The husband leaves for a three-day business trip, the very week we’re preparing to go on vacation.  Which means the house-readying, the puppy-tending, the children-maintaining, the packing, the shopping, the stocking up of juice boxes and apples and chips and not forgetting the binder of children-friendly DVD’s is all u…

I am your tabernacle, I am your jubilee...

Cried most of the way home this past week from choir practice at church.

It was our last session of the season, but that's not why I was crying.  The sky was darkened, but still sunny... night falling and rain threatening; gorgeous.  But that's not why I was crying.

After we all ate the food and sang our song for Sunday and then visited the new, soon-to-be-reality sanctuary... we all stood on that stage, that holy ground because of two or three or thirty standing there and God standing with us.  We raised simple voices to a simple hymn of grace so amazing and then prayed.  Prayed with thanks, prayed with hope, prayed for the untold stories to come.  And I felt a tear slide away.

I don't think I can adequately express how much I love the people who make up my, finally, forever church home.  After I joined the choir, a close friend of the family told my mother in-law, "I'm so glad she's able to be part of the choir.  They are like a family."  

A family.