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And my sister Mary left me all the work to do alone...

I don’t come by hostessing very easily.
Even though my Mom can throw together a delicious casserole without a recipe (and somehow magically has every ingredient on hand) and invite twenty people into the home I grew up in without a second thought; in the same situation, I'm 99.9% likely to have a panic attack and be found hiding in my closet in the fetal position, sucking my thumb.  My Mom may be dubbed "the party queen" or "the hostess with the mostest" but me?  Well... just no.
But here comes the beauty and the irony when it comes to hospitality.  
It’s all that Mary and Martha stuff that we’ve come to know.  You know the basics - Martha was busy trying to prepare a house and a table for a bunch of hungry, dirt-road traveled men.  Mary sat her tush down in the Middle Eastern grass and settled in for some Higher learning.  Martha was trying to do the responsible thing.  Probably the only thing she knew to do in such a situation.  And Mary decided to throw it all …

So my husband doesn't read my blog...

My husband loves me a lot.He works so hard for me and our little family.He’s incredibly selfless, loving and considerate.He’s intelligent and possess a massive amount of common sense.I admire him.I love him.Duh.

For a long while, I’ve wanted an iPhone.  I felt like it would have some real benefits - like coupons and fitness apps and the like.  I thought it would come in handy in situations when I was out with a girlfriend and we missed an exit or wanted to know where the nearest Starbucks was.  Figured it might be the magic key to this thing called potty training.

My basic phone has been up for an upgrade for over a year.  It’s been steadily losing its charge to the point that it’s just ridiculous.  It was time for a new phone - smart or basic - but a new phone nonetheless.  We’ve been weighing pricing options, how to get the most bang for our buck and all those kinds of grown-up things.  

I just posted a blog about why I was going to stick with a basic phone.

And yesterday my husband wen…

You are God. That's just the way it is.

I told myself, told God, that I’d say yes.

Whatever He brought me to, however He needed my heart, my talents, my being - it was His.  I have said this often throughout my life, since my eleven year old church camp conversion,... and back-peddled some and then recommitted some more.  I recently said it, strongly, a few months ago when it came to the topic of me singing.  Bring me to it, I’ll do it, Lord!  And then I sweetly chickened out (a few times) and basically God had to stop me in my tracks and hog-tie me and toss me in - but hey, we conquered that.  Him and me.  

And since that day I’ve been wondering and waiting and ready.  What’s next?

I had a strong gut feeling that my worship minister would call me out eventually.  I’ve been sitting tight.  Anxious.  Longing.  A bundle of nerves and “Not sure I want to.”, coupled with massive, “Have to.”  The call came through late Saturday night.  And I knew.  I knew somehow it was him.

And I let it roll straight to voicemail.  

Yeah.  I’m a lit…

Come home for the Summer...

(Written the Summer of 2010)

I always wanted to be a wife and a mother.

That's what I told anyone who asked what I wanted to do or be when I grew up. Fall in love, have babies. That was the dream. And sometimes I think I wanted that because it seemed easier. Less complicated. I never felt as though I belonged in the academic world. Oh, sure, I may have entertained dreams of becoming an elementary teacher or a lawyer or a ballet dancer. I had plans to go to college.  Music major. Thirteen years+ of private piano lessons, it seemed kind of like a given.

But when it came time to take that step, I backtracked and begged my way out. My parents said alright, as long as I got a "real" job. And I did. Or rather, God provided it and I accepted. Either way, I was on a roll and over the next few years, whenever my current job had run its course, another was offered. Every. Time. And each job was beautiful and challenging and painful. Between the ages of 18 and 28, I …

Love has come...

Today he finally figured out, after weeks of rocking up on his side and screaming when he got that one arm pinned beneath him, he finally figured out how to roll completely over. This photo is grainy and doesn't reflect well on my cell phone camera, but it's still cute:
He's been super proud of himself all day (or is that me?) and while I've tried to get this historic moment on camera, thus far it's been an epic fail. However, the camera is charging as I type this and I have high hopes that I'll get this new accomplishment recorded soon!
But it's not my son's four month old skills that I feel compelled to flesh out here on ye ole blog. I don't know where it comes from, but every time it does, I'm surprised. The words, "Is someone getting spoiled?" grate on my heart like nails on a chalk board.
What constitutes a child being spoiled, particularly such a young one? I understand that he's a cute little baby sinner and is going …