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For the life of me...

I don’t know about you, but from the moment I became a mother, I have been on this passionate, internal battle to never allow them to feel less or ridiculed or devalued because of who they are.  Who God created them to be.

When you have one child, you compare them to other children, but typically (naturally) your child rises to the top.  They are your child after all.  Not the best thing to do, but we all do it.  Call it insecurity.  Call it making sure your child is “on par” with his peers.  But comparison is comparison and it’s a thief.

When you have a second, you compare them to each other.  This is way worse.

Maybe larger families don’t have this issue.  Maybe it’s harder to compare children when you have four or seven or twenty.  But when you have a handful, or like me currently, two, it’s so easy to balance one against the other.  Without even meaning to.

I find my husband I saying things about our 16 month old son, Travis, comparing him to what we recall about his older brother (no…